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Digital Yacht iSeaSense - making sense in boat instrumentation
Digital Yacht iSeaSense - making sense in boat instrumentation

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Digital Yacht launch iSeaSense NMEA 2000 & Wireless Instrument Systems

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We're pleased to introduce iSeaSense - our new NMEA 2000 and wireless boat instrument system. Choose from using any regular NMEA 2000 MFD or instrument display from any leading manufacturer or an iPad, smart phones or Android tablet for your boat instrumentation displays. It's a flexible and powerful system delivering exceptional performance, accuracy and value for every boater.

Top quality and highly accurate sensors are used for boat depth, speed, wind, compass and GPS data. Data can be shared with other devices on the NMEA 2000 network too.

Available as two main starter packs, everything is included for an easy install and ordering. No app is needed either as the iSeaSense wireless server creates powerful graphical and numeric display pages that can be viewed via a browser on any device.

iSeaSense Pack 1 is a comprehensive boat depth, speed and temperature pack. A spatial sensor is also included for detecting pitch and roll and there’s a sophisticated algorithm for calibrating boat speed information based on heel. A full NMEA 2000 backbone cabling pack is included and the wireless interface for connectivity. There is a spare cable and connection point for additional NMEA 2000 devices such as a multi function display. SRP is £595 plus vat

iSeaSense Pack 2 has all the capability and components of Pack 1 but includes the WND100 wind sensor with 20m cable and a interface to “T” directly to the NMEA 2000 backbone. It means there’s no heavy NMEA 2000 cabling to the top of the mast and no need for complex and unreliable mast top terminators. Adding wind data also allows for true wind speed, true wind angle and VMG calculations. SRP is £1045 plus vat

Expanding the system further is easy with Digital Yacht’s range of NMEA 2000 GPS and compass sensors.

Download our iSeaSense Dealer Product Guide from HERE

Download our new May 2023 UK Pricelist from HERE

Download the installation guide and handbook from HERE

Welcome to iSeaSense – making sense of boat instrumentation. More information at



Nicholas Heyes

Nicholas Heyes

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Laura Brossard

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Digital Yacht is head quartered in Bristol UK with a manufacturing facility in Fareham, Hampshire. We have global offices in Boston (USA), and Rouen (France) to look after these important markets and a network of distributors and dealers across the globe.

We firmly believe that low cost consumer devices such as iPhones and tablets, PCs and MACs have a place on board and can help make legacy systems compete with the latest in dedicated marine electronic products at a fraction of the cost. We make internet access whilst afloat easy and affordable as well as bringing all your navigation data to your favourite consumer devices - not just for you but for crew and guests too.

Our navigation systems cover advanced GPS and compass technology as well as the most comprehensive range of AIS products in the marketplace. Plus our PC and software solutions bring simple yet powerful solutions to a variety of on board requirements from communication to navigation, entertainment to monitoring.

Our design team has 100’s years combined experience in marine electronic systems and we take pride in our quality heritage with manufacturing in the UK and global reach through our regional offices and network of dealers and distributors. Last year our products were sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

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