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Digital Yacht South Africa New ZAR Pricelist - July 2022

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Digital Yacht South Africa New ZAR Pricelist - July 2022

Dear Partner,

We have issued a new pricelist with immediate effect (July 2022).

You can download from HERE in excel format and from HERE in PDF

You can also click on the download link below. Price changes and new products are highlighted in red.

You can also discover our new website here with all our products, manuals, FAQs and more.

New Products

We've introduced a new version of our GPS160 to be compatible with older Furuno systems. this makes the GPS160F a perfect replacement for older and faulty Furuno GPS sensors which render a Navnet system useless without a GPS input. Full details are HERE

Prices Increases on AIS Systems

We're sure you're aware of the current situation regarding availability of microprocessors which is affecting all areas of industry. Lead times now are running into more than 60 weeks on many items and are extending on a daily basis with suppliers "de-commiting" on previously scheduled orders. We expect this extended lead time to continue until at least 2023.

We have therefore taken the decision to go out to alternative suppliers and pay a huge premium for certain microprocessors and components. A $4 part is now costing $140 and clearly we can't absorb these inflated prices. It’s also clear to us that Governments have placed pressure on the chipset makers to prioritise supply chains of national importance such as automotive - and these industries supplying a £30000 car can absorb some of this. However, even with their ultra slick supply chains, they have lead times of over a year. So we have a stark choice to increase prices to continue selling products. Dealer and distributor discount structures remain unchanged.

Over the past year, the Digital Yacht team have worked super hard redesigning products with alternative components and using innovative sourcing solutions. We’ve looked for physically similar family processors and re-written 10000s line of code to make them compatible. We've had a good track record for deliveries compared to many others in our sector. However, we can’t do this in every design so are reliant on supply.

I'm sorry for the bad news. We've always been a brand that champions boaters and offers great value and we'll continue to do so - reviewing prices all the time.

the Digital Yacht team

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Nicolas Guerin

Nicolas Guerin

Head of Marketing Sales & Marketing +33 1 70 70 92 50


Digital Yacht is head quartered in Bristol UK with a manufacturing facility in Fareham, Hampshire. We have global offices in Boston (USA), and Rouen (France) to look after these important markets and a network of distributors and dealers across the globe.

We firmly believe that low cost consumer devices such as iPhones and tablets, PCs and MACs have a place on board and can help make legacy systems compete with the latest in dedicated marine electronic products at a fraction of the cost. We make internet access whilst afloat easy and affordable as well as bringing all your navigation data to your favourite consumer devices - not just for you but for crew and guests too.

Our navigation systems cover advanced GPS and compass technology as well as the most comprehensive range of AIS products in the marketplace. Plus our PC and software solutions bring simple yet powerful solutions to a variety of on board requirements from communication to navigation, entertainment to monitoring.

Our design team has 100’s years combined experience in marine electronic systems and we take pride in our quality heritage with manufacturing in the UK and global reach through our regional offices and network of dealers and distributors. Last year our products were sold in over 100 countries worldwide.

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